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attention followers in the seattle area, i’m a twenty one year old unemployed transwoman/college dropout with…

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Let Me Tell You About Video Games Presents: Mom Effect

My friend Mike and I have recently launched a youtube channel called Let Me Tell You About Video Games, where we play games that one or both of us have never played before, and usually games that one or both of us will probably not like very much. It’s essentially Mom Effect but with my friend instead of my mother. 

And as a side-project on the channel I am reviving Mom Effect as a video series! The first video just went up, I’ll embed it in the following post. Check it out and like/subscribe, and while you’re give a look at the first series that I’m doing with Mike, Let Me Tell You About Metal Gear!


Stay tuned.


We move on from the security station.

Mom: I miss Jack.

Me: Well, maybe you shouldn’t have gotten her killed then.

Mom: Hey!

Me: You know I couldn’t even find a screenshot of her dying there? No one else on the internet thought putting her in charge of that team was a good idea. Not a single one.

Mom: She needed it! She needed someone in her life to trust her and give her an important responsibility, even if she wasn’t good enough.

Me: Then you should’ve put her in charge of the bubble! You could’ve made her feel good and then she would’ve lived!

Mom: Look, she needed to die.

Me: Did she?

Mom: Yes.

Me: …Did she really, though?

Mom: She was too tormented. She wasn’t ever gonna be happy.

Me: I’m just saying, she’s alive in my game, and she’s a drill instructor helping other kids like her.

Mom: Nah she could never do anything like that. She was too far-gone. Best I could do was give her a moment of triumph before mercy-killing her.

Me: …

A Working Relationship

We continue to push through the base. We come across a security station, and Liara boots up the footage to see if she can learn anything about the inside saboteur that’s helping Cerberus. She finds footage of a woman killing two other scientists.

Kaidan: Who’s that?

Mom: Are you kidding me? First he’s nasty to me, and now he’s staring at this other woman?

Liara explains that it’s Dr. Eva Core, a freelance scientist who’d been assisting with the research team. She realizes in retrospect that Core was highly suspicious, and that she should’ve figured out that she was a double agent during the months they worked together. Liara apologizes for being so close to Earth for so long and never coming to visit us.

Shepard: You did the right thing.

Mom: Yeah she did. Staying away from me is definitely the right thing for her to do.

The More Things Change

As we head into the facility, we run into Liara, who comes crawling out of a vent and throws a Singularity to stop two Cerberus troops.

Mom: Ughhhhh

Liara you’d best count yourself lucky you’re one of the only invincible squadmates in the series.

After a short reunion with that blue chick that helped us briefly with Saren two and a half years ago and then tossed us a little bit of intel when we bumped into her on Illium, Shepard decides to send Vega back to the Normandy and take Liara along with us.

Mom: Wait, what? No! Why can’t we send her back?!

Me: I thought Vega was a doofus.

Mom: I’ll take the doofus over this bitch!


We land on Mars, only to find that we’ve been beaten here by none other than Cerberus. They’re executing the Alliance guards outside.

Me: The terrorists that you worked with last game are here trying to get to the weapon before us!

Mom: Oh big deal.

We take out the troopers outside of the complex. Kaidan reveals that he’s suspicious that we may somehow be involved in this.

Mom: Up yours, hotpants.

Vega speaks up, and explains that we’ve been under strict surveillance since our arrest. It would’ve been impossible for us to remain in contact with Cerberus.

Me: See, look at that. James is sticking up for you.

Mom: He’s still a doofus.